For those who want a good introductory book to the basics of statistics and statistical learning, I would recommend the book “Introduction to The Practice of Statistics” by Moore, McCabe and Craig.

The book was used as the textbook for one of the MSIT course at Northwestern.

Table of contents:

  1. Looking at Data—Distributions
  2. Looking at Data—Relationships
  3. Producing Data
  4. Probability: The Study of Randomness
  5. Sampling Distributions
  6. Introduction to Inference
  7. Inference for Distributions
  8. Inference for Proportions
  9. Analysis of Two-Way Tables
  10. Inference for Regression
  11. Multiple Regression
  12. One-Way Analysis of Variance
  13. Two-Way Analysis of Variance

Optional Companion Chapters (available at 14. Logistic Regression 15. Nonparametric Tests 16. Bootstrap Methods and Permutation Tests 17. Statistics for Quality: Control and Capability